Exploring Personal Growth: CEO Takhleeq’s Insightful Seminar on Reinventing Yourself at FAST NUCES Karach

CEO of Takhleeq, Ali Hasnain Shah was invited as a speaker to a seminar at FAST-NUCES Karachi (Official)  – Karachi, alongside Bob Ferguson, Senior Communications Coach at Xecofy, and Faraz Bandukda, Co-Founder of Hilal Invest. During his talk on “Reinvent Yourself – Unlock your True Potential,” he underscored three key points:

  1. Academic grades and GPA are essential for securing your first job, but practical skills and adaptability become crucial afterward.
  2. The ability to reinvent oneself every few years is a significant strength. Continuous learning and skill development are vital for staying relevant in a rapidly evolving world.
  3. Embrace failure and criticism; they are part of the journey. What truly matters is how quickly you rise after each fall.

Bob Ferguson delivered an outstanding talk on “The challenge of great technical communication,” focusing on the importance of effective communication in technical fields. Faraz Bandukda shared insights on “How to become successful in life as a tech entrepreneur.”

After the enlightening talks, we were given a tour of FAST’s impressive facilities, including the library, Ai R&D lab, and sports facilities. It was inspiring to see the institution’s commitment to fostering both technological advancements and holistic development through sports and fitness.

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