Margalla Avenue Islamabad Latest Updates - D12 

Margalla Avenue phase 1 (GT road till D-12) construction is moving ahead at a good pace. Current timeline for its completion as per CDA and FWO is July 2022. We present you the latest updates from our recent visit of Margalla Avenue from D12 side. Here’s an article from The News: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/944065-first-phase-of-margalla-avenue-to-be-completed-by-july

Faisal Hills

He mentioned that Faisal Hills isn’t only a project but a city itself since it’s covering 25000 Kanals and is located near Taxila which has a population of 1.3 million as compared to Islamabad which is populating 1.1 million residents. He claimed that Faisal Hills city will be a great addition to the Gandhara Civilization.

Faisal Jewels

Faisal Jewels was incepted around 2 years ago which is huge 24 storey building covering an area of 20 Kanals. According to him, this will be one of its kind project in Islamabad region and he claimed that it’ll provide a better living in Faisal Jewels as compared to Islamabad. The project will be completed in about 3-4 years.

Faisal Hills Arc

When asked about the Arc, he told us that it was a passion project and it’s just a monument for this north region. The cost is around 50-60 Crore and it’s a testament that how big of a project Faisal hill is. And that’s just one of the planned monuments. It is a mega project and replica of the Arc in Paris but we want to highlight our culture as well through it, said Zohair.

Margalla Avenue

July 2022 is the official closing date and the good thing is that FWO is working on this; which has a repute of doing quality work at pace and delivering on time. Additionally, he said that it was the need of the hour for the north region since there isn’t any alternate exit from Islamabad. Therefore, this will strategically serve more than just a traffic route since we witness security issues during diplomatic movements.

Motorway interchange

Faisal Hills, C block is touching M1 and is expected to have an interchange in the future. Regarding this, he says that they’re putting all efforts and soon they’ll be conducting a get together to announce it with the community, once it is confirmed.

Zedem International

When asked about their future plans, he mentioned that they’re trying to build cities in the form of huge societies and not only projects. Having said that, they’ll continue providing affordable living with quality to the people since that’s the dire need. While talking about the purpose, he said it is : providing affordable housing solutions with better facilities and living than Islamabad. To name a few, Ali medical and Roots school will be coming to Faisal Hills soon.